Bingles- Loteria English Phrases

1. El gallo/ The Rooster: He struts around like a rooster.

2. El diablito/ The Devil: I’m between the devil and the deep blue sea.

3. La dama/ The Lady: She’s one, two, three times a lady.

4. El catrin/ The Gentleman: Thank you for offering me your chair. You are a gentleman.

5. El paraguas/ The Umbrella: If you buy your umbrella while it’s raining, instead of six they’ll charge you nine.

6. La sirena/ The Mermaid: Is she a woman? Is she a fish?

7. La escalera/ The Ladder: Climb the ladder of success.

8. La botella/ The Bottle: Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when ya gonna let me sober?

9. El barril/ The Barrel: I can’t do anything; you’ve got me over a barrel.

10. El árbol/ The Tree: I explain and explain, but my parents can’t see the forest for the trees.

11. El melón/ The Canteloupe : I can’t elope!! Oh Honey, do!

12. El valiente/ The Brave Man : The brave man is not he who feels no fear, but rather is the man who subdues fear and bravely encounters the danger. (Lorenzo de Zavala, Texan patriot)

13. El sombrero/ The Hat: She does everything here; she wears many hats.

14. La muerte/ The Skeleton: Everybody here has a skeleton in the closet.

15. La pera/ The Pear: Some of us are pear-shaped, some are like apples, and others are more like sugar cane!

16. La bandera/ The Flag: She waved a white flag, and the fighting came to an end.

17. El bandolón/ The Mandolin: He sang and played his mandolin all night.

18. El violoncello/ The Cello: Listen to that fellow play his cello!

19. La garza/ The Heron: The great blue heron fishes at the riverbank.

20, El pajaro/ The Bird: The early bird catches the worm.

21. La mano/ The Hand - Never bite the hand that feeds you.

22. La bota/ The Boot: She ate a hamburger and a hotdog to boot!

23. La luna/ The Moon: She’s asking the moon for that house.

24. El cotorro/ The Parrot: He’s sick as a parrot about losing all that money.

25. El borracho/ The drunk: He’s no royalty, but he drunk as a lord,

26. El negrito/ The dancer: Dance with me, Henry!

27. El corazón/ The Heart: What your eyes don’t see, your heart doesn’t feel.

28. La sandia/ The Watermelon: The watermelon is one fruit that feeds two dozens.

29. El tambor/ The Drum: They drummed him out of the army.

30. El camaron/ The Shrimp - The shrimp who falls asleep gets carried away by the current.

31. Las jaras/The Archer- The archer hit the bullseye.

32. El músico/ The Musician: He’s no musician--he can’t even carry a tune.

33. La araña/The Spider : Along came a spider and sat down beside her.

34. El soldado/ The Soldier :He’s a soldier of fortune.

35. La estrella/ The star:The stars and stripes.

36. El cazo/ The Pot: A watched pot never boils.

37. El mundo/The World: He thinks the world of you.

38. El apache/The Indian: It belonged to the Indians long ago.

39. El nopal/The Nopal Cactus: She’s as prickly as a cactus.

40. El alacrán/The Scorpion: In the morning check your boots for scorpions.

41. La rosa/The Rose: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

42. La calavera/The Skull: The pirate flag is a skull and crossbones.

43. La campana/The Bell: Hooray! We’re saved by the bell!

44. El cantarito/The Pitcher: Little pitchers have big ears.

45. El venado/ The Deer: He’s a timid as a deer.

46. El sol/ The Sun: You are my sunshine

47. La corona/The Crown: I’m going to crown you if you keep that up!

48. La chalupa/The Canoe: He’ll have to paddle his own canoe.

49. El pino/The Pine Tree: Pine trees stay green year-round.

50. El pescado/The Fish: There’s something fishy about all this!

51. La palma/The Palm Tree: There are date palms, coconut palms, coconut tree.

52. La maceta/ The Flower Pot: I hid the key under the flower pot.

53. El arpa/ The Harp: I don’t want to go to heaven; I can’t play the harp!

54. La rana/ The Frog: I’ve got a frog in my throat.

***New Cards for Binglés Jr.

The Couch Potato - Get a life! Don’t be a couch potato!

The pirate- Who took the pie? It must have been that pie-rat!

La Piñata - I don’t want gold, I don’t want silver, all I want is to break the piñata.

The girl: When a little girl is silent, she must have done something wrong.

The boy: Youl’ll find a boy or a dog wherever they are treated with love.

The Soccer Ball - Soccer ball in English,la pelota de futbol,in Spanish, but one word sounds the same: GOOOOOL!

The Guitar - The owl looked up at the stars above and sang to a small guitar.

The Cell Phone - I can’t hear you! You’re breaking up!

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