My Shoes and I Virtual Book Tour- Day 5

Today, we are proud to host BronzeWord's Latino Virtual Book Tour.

And we are especially eager to sing the praises of one of the LBBC's regular contributors, René Colato Laínez. We have announced the recent release of René's book, My Shoes and I, a touching story about a young boy's journey to a new home in a new country. If you have been keeping up with the book tour, or this blog, you will already be familiar with the story.
So our treat to you is the story of René's craft and where he receives his inspiration. Most authors will just give you the noncommittal (and somewhat bland) answer that they find inspiration "everywhere." But for many, the seeds of each story is a story in itself. Below is a synopsis of René's unusual way of finding inspiration and the unique story behind each of his books.


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