¡Vámonos! Let's Go!

by René Colato Laínez
Joe Cepeda, Illustrator 
ISBN: 9780823434428 

I am so happy that my new bilingual book ¡Vámonos! Let's Go! is available now. This week, I received my author's copies. It is always great to see, feel and hug a book for the first time.

The Box is Here!

Bravo, it is my new book.

¡Vámonos! Let's Go!

"The Wheels on the Bus" takes on a new, bilingual identity as children sing in both English and Spanish about the exciting noises made by all sorts of vehicles.

You may know that the wheels on the bus go round and round, but did you know that las ruedas del bus ruedan y ruedan? Or that while the horn on the truck goes honk, honk, honk, la bocina del camión goes tut tuu tuu

Young readers are in for a cheerful and cacophonous ride in this bilingual picture book that introduces them to the sounds of motorcycles, fire trucks, airplanes and more in both English and Spanish. But the best sounds of all are the ones from the children as they reach the state park at the end of their trip. Yay and Yupi!

Get the lesson plan of the book at http://www.holidayhouse.com/title_display.php?ISBN=9780823434428

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