Let's Play Fútbol and Football!


I am very happy to present the bilingual edition of my book ¡Juguemos al Fútbol y al Football! / Let's Play Fútbol and Football!  As always, this book is also about my immigrant experience. When a group of friends invited me to play "futbol", I said "Okay, I can play." But when I saw the oval ball flying above my head, I realized that they were not playing my fútbol. They were playing football instead. 

New: Bilingual Edition

Carlos is not sure that football can be played with an oval-shaped ball. Chris is not sure that it can be played with a round ball.

It may not be a good idea to play with a kid who is so different... He doesn’t even know how to play this game!

Wait. It looks kind of fun... Let’s give it a try!

Enjoy and celebrate the encounter of two cultures through their favorite sports. ;-)

Spanish Edition

Carlos no cree que se pueda jugar al fútbol con una pelota ovalada. Chris no cree que se pueda jugar con una pelota redonda.

Quizás no es buena idea jugar con un niño tan diferente... ¡Ni siquiera sabe cómo se juega!

Un momento. Se ve como divertido... ¡Vamos a probar!

Disfruta y celebra el encuentro de dos culturas a través de sus deportes favoritos. ;-)

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René Colato Laínez

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